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Evolution Bumper Stickers July 31, 2013
Here are a few evolution bumper stickers I've always wanted to see:

1. Evolution: Amen, brother!
2. Darwin said it, I can dig it, that settles it.
3. Evolution: Drift + mutation + selection = yo mama
4. Fund evolution: black ink for the missing link
5. Keep the faith: teach evolution
6. Teach evolution: concensus rules the gene pool
7. Evolution: talkin' compost, not trash
8. Evolution: it's about the gene pool, fool!
9. Honk if you have ancestors
10. Wink if you're the Missing Link
11. Hit the brakes if you're evolving
12. Evolution hasn't been good to me
13. Evolution pisses me off
14. Evolution and My Ass: I said 'kiss', not 'kick'

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Evolution Bumper Stickers

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