Hamas Must Go
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Hamas Must Go Wednesday, October 11, 2023
The overwhelming ethnic butchery in the first half of the twentieth century left most surviving European Jews homeless. Even so, the formation of the state of Israel was controversial and utterly rejected by Islamic nations. But the Israelis never played the victim card. They simply developed the best military and intelligence apparatus in the world and held their ground amidst neighbors who did their best, from day one, to eradicate them.

This unremitting hostility towards Israel has abated somewhat, first in Egypt and now in Saudi Arabia, though a sullen, back-door sort of hostility seems to be rising in the US and Europe. But Iran and its proxies--Hamas and Hezbollah--remain staunchly and openly committed to exterminating the Jews. Iran is a unapologetic adversary of Israel (and all the West) and feels under no obligation to deal honestly with its enemies. Negotiations with them are meaningless, as are any negotiation with Hamas and Hezbollah. After the recent Hamas atrocities in southern Israel (the ferocity of which has not been seen since the Nazis), Hamas must be clearly and decisively defeated. This will be difficult because it is the practice of Hamas to use the humanitarian ethics of their opponents against them, which they do by inserting themselves in the midst of populous civilian areas, and by taking hostages. But it must be done and all Western nations should assist in this, even though it is now common practice for the West to denounce itself and to embark on any self-serving enterprise only after bemoaning its lack of clean hands. Ironically, this must even further enrage Western adversaries, since only countries as rich and powerful as those in the West can afford to indulge in such "self-serving through self-denying" attempts to display their moral superiority.

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