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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
The latest in the American culture wars: a small business woman opines against gay marriage when approached by a local TV station (an opinion that by the latest poll 40% of Americans share) and the vocal arm of the 60% majority, via social media and with a moral zeal that's hard to distinguish from malice, makes every attempt to destroy her livelihood and ruin her reputation. This before a vast online audience on the internet, which in the context of the culture wars is a cybernetic reincarnation of the Roman colosseum. This is the new, soft terrorism: you are left pink and healthy while your reputation, career, or livelihood is destroyed on the world's center stage. Fire-bombing a storefront, which might have been done in the old days to express extreme disfavor, draws attention to the bomber and is less permanent for the victim, which is no doubt why such crude tactics work far less well in shaping the public mind on the contemporary front of these culture wars.

Fifty years ago standing up for gays might have gotten you run out of town. Now you're run out of town if you don't stand up for gay marriage. Except with social media "town" is now the world and there's no place to hide.  

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, with formidable new tricks and decked out with a vengance.


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