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Northwest Passage
I recently retired after working for 25 years within the research and development community.  Shortly after I retired I moved from California's San Francisco Bay Area to a little mountaintop in western Washington state, 14 miles south of the Canadian border. Moving to the Pacific northwest from California was part of my retirement rite.  This 'rite' is a ritual of going forth into a new and different life. At the moment the newness is mostly symbolic -- who knows what 'newness' may emerge and whether I will allow it when it does. The 'different' is also symbolic but also partly real: I go from a warm, sunny climate to a cold, cloudy one.
First Snow
Cold weather drifted in over the month of November but it didn't collide with the rain until December 2.  It wasn't a lot of snow but for me it was symbolic of antithesis: the antithesis of my old digs in the California Bay Area, where snow is so infrequent that its appearance becomes legendary.

Canadian Front
Here's the Canadian weather front that followed the snow flurries the night before.  What an implacable thing to see! It first engulfed the Coast Mountains to the north then descended in layers across the Nooksack River floodplain on its way to the Puget Sound.
Scary Weather
This is scary weather to be caught out in.  But once the clouds rolled over my little hilltop it was quite peaceful and still, except for the plummeting thermometer.

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